Caribbean Beach Resort

Located on Barefoot Bay, Caribbean Beach Resort is a hotel in Florida but with the feel of the tropical Caribbean Islands. 

General Tips/ Info

  • CBR is a Moderate Resort.
  • It is also classified as an Epcot Resort.
  • The resort is separated into six “villages”: Trinidad North, Trinidad South, Aruba, Jamaica, Martinique, and Barbados.
  • Each village has its own pool, in addition to a central Spanish fortress themed pool with a slide, wading pool, and whirlpool. 
  • In the center of the entire hotel is Caribbean Cay, an area for relaxing, walking, and picnicking.
  •  Beach areas surround all the villages, and are accessible for guest use, but not for swimming. 
  • Services include housekeeping, volleyball courts, boat rentals, bike rentals, babysitting, laundry, arcades, jogging, playgrounds and  valet.
  • Basic shopping for sundries and souvenirs is available.
  • Dining options include Shutter’s (FS), Old Port Royale Food Court, Montego’s Deli, Grab N Go Market, and Banana Cabana (pool bar).
  • Bus transportation to all Disney parks and Downtown Disney is provided.

Hidden Mickeys

  • In Shutter’s, look for a painting of open shutters, and search for Mickey in the clouds.
  • Behind Old Port Royale, look a Mickey on the lighthouse.
  • On the little pirate ship slide, look for Mickey in the wheel.
  • Walk from Trinidad North to Old Port Royal and try to spot a Mickey imprinted in the pavement, near where there is an intersection of sidewalks.
  • Look for Mickeys around your hotel room. He could be anywhere!

Fun Facts

  • Caribbean Beach is the largest of all the Disney resorts with about two thousand rooms, so be prepared to walk.
  • There have been recent renovations to some rooms to make them Finding Nemo and Pirate themed.
  • Look around the resort, you’ll probably spot some exotic birds.
  • The lake that the resort is surrounded by is 42 acres large.
  • There are 33 guest buildings in all.
  • Port Royal is the setting for the attraction and movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

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